mrffahrenheit asked: Clint Barton/Jane Foster, opinion?

… it’s not something I’d ship personally. But if someone could come up with a plausible reason why they hooked up, wonderful. I have some hang ups on that simply because I don’t think she’d warm up very quickly to someone who had a hand in stealing her stuff (I am assuming you mean movie-verse… correct me if I’m wrong). 

“Hawkeye” and Sketches by Kris Anka

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The New Avengers regroup in the aftermath of Secret Invasion

Logan: S’up, Webs.
Peter: This—this is Captain America’s house?
Logan: Yup.
Peter: And that guy at the fight. He’s the new Captain America?
Clint: Yup.
Peter: Do we know who he is?
Logan: Bucky.
Peter: What’s his adult name?
Clint: Bucky. Cap’s old partner. He’s Cap now. This is Cap’s place.
Peter: Where is he?
Clint: Said he’ll be out in a minute.
Peter: And we think he’s not a skull because?
Clint: Because we’re done with them.
Peter: We hope.
Clint: We do.
Peter: And why are we here?

— From New Avengers v1, #48 by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Billy Tan.


Clint Barton, everybody.


(New Avengers: the Reunion #3)

(New Avengers: the Reunion #3)

Ultimate Hawkeye by Mike Lilly

Ultimate Hawkeye by Mike Lilly